Presentation Format

Oral presentations will be hosted in a dual format: all presentations will be pre-recorded but presenters and chairs will be connected live via a Zoom link to be able to participate in the live Q&A after each presentation. You are required to connect 30 minutes prior to the session start and attend the entire session via the Zoom link (to be provided on October 1).


What is required?

The live participation requires some hardware and software.

The following equipment is needed:

  • computer with a stable internet connection
  • webcam (already integrated webcam of your computer works too)
  • working pair of headsets and a microphone
  • Zoom client (recommended, but not obligatory)

Make sure to have good lighting conditions and a quiet surrounding when you join the session.


The Invitation

You will receive a separate invitation email for each of your participations on October 1. In the email you’ll find a Zoom session link and the meeting-ID.
For example:
Zoom Invitation

It is important that you join the session at your allocated time (30 minutes before the session start) and not earlier. When joining the session please type in your name and surname. This serves for an easier identification for our technicians.



Joining the session

After joining the session you'll be in the waiting room. There you wait for the technical assistant to gather all the speakers of the session together. About 30 minutes before the session start, you'll be moved into the session room.

Please note that you will only be taken into the session room 30 minutes before your session start. In case you join the Zoom call earlier, you will have to remain in the waiting room until this time or close the link and come back on time.

Below you can see a screenshot of the waiting room.
Zoom join


The session room/ Onboarding

The session room, or the Onboarding phase is the first time you are in verbal and visual contact with the technical assistant. He will guide you through Zoom and check up on some technical issues or settings. The Onboarding phase is important to make sure everyone is comfortable with Zoom and its functions. If there are questions, you have the chance to ask the technical assistant. There will be some tasks for you to complete which are explained below (and will be explained by the technical assistant again if needed):

Open the Chat
Zoom chat Everyone has to open up the chat window and keep an eye on it to stay tuned for any upcoming information during the live session.

The Onboarding phase we start off with an audio/ video check.

For the rest of the session please make sure to always stay muted. Unmute yourself only if you have to speak. This avoids Zoom showing wrong participants during the live event.

Then the technical assistant will explain each frame you'll see on your screen (technical assistant feed, live feed and the other participants).

Enable Gallery View
Zoom gallery view The Gallery view is recommended for discussions. When you switched to gallery mode, you'll see yourself and the other participants, as well as the participant called „live“ so there you can see your presentation.

Pin Video
Next up is the “pin video” function. You have to pin the program feed frame into full screen in order to see the presentation or the livestream in full screen.

What you see is either the technical assistant or the return signal, like presentations or polls.

For presentations / polls pin the return video: click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the „live“ participant and choose PIN VIDEO.

Please note these functions will be explained in the onboarding call by the technicians again, so if you do not feel comfortable yet, they will answer all your questions then.

IMPORTANT: Moving into the breakout room
As the Onboarding phase is over and the live session is about to start, the technical assistant will move you into a new room called LIVE. This room consists of a breakout room. Important: Zoom will ask you to allow getting moved into the breakout room. Please click on allow. Now you are in the LIVE room, waiting for the final command of the director. At this point it’s important for you to use only the chat for technical support.

Please also make sure that you do not watch the session live stream via the platform at this point, since it has a latency of about 15 seconds – you can follow the session live via the Zoom call.

When a pre-recorded presentation is about to end you get a message in the Zoom chat 1 min ahead. Please reply with a short message e.g. „OK“.

If you didn't respond to our message, the director will give you a countdown anyways verbally 15,10,5,4,3,2,1, … (Live).

Now the chairs will start the discussion with the corresponding speaker. Please stick to the pre-defined discussion time in order to avoid delays.


Session End

After the session has finished, the technical assistant will bring you back to the session room. Now you can close the application and leave Zoom. For any following participations, please use corresponding zoom link and join 30 minutes before the session again.

For further questions, please visit the Virtual Congress FAQs